Testimonials & Press

Sandra from Seaford VIC
"My mum spends a bit of time at a weekender near Apollo Bay.
One of her neighbors purchased a small tub of the Gardening Balm for mum.
It is divine! Especially on a bitterly cold windy day when the skin on our hands are so raw and cracked.
It's so lovely to find something a little bit special that's not mass produced...! "

16th May 2012
Received a phone call today from a young man raving about our balm as it healed his tattoo so well!

Michelle from Daylesford VIC
Thank you so much RubaDub Bub for their Fragrance Free Soap. After spening the last 10years washing with oatmeal in a stocking due to my extremely sensitive skin I have finally found a soap I can use with no reaction what so ever!  Feeling so liberated!

Kathryn from Daylesford VIC
I just LOVE LOVE LOVE Rub a Dub have been using the Bub soap as it is fragrance free for about 6 months and its doing wonders for my dry cracked and irritated hands. For the first time in quite awhile my hand are not cracked, sore and bleeding...aww what a relief. Thank you Rub a Dub!